5 Reasons to Host Class Parties on a Cruise

Looking for a new, exciting venue to hold a graduation party, but something safe, and alcohol free? Look into a local cruise, which will be sure to stun guests and keep everyone safe, while still having a great time.
Consider the following reasons:

  1. Safe event in a controlled atmosphere
    Most graduation parties, or senior all-night parties, are held directly after graduation to give graduates one more chance to celebrate. However, the all-night parties double as a simple way to keep minors from celebrating with alcohol. When graduates are on a cruise ship, they will not be able to exit and re-enter the party, which cuts down on the chance that alcohol will find its way into the party. It also allows chaperones an easy way to control the environment.
  2. Easily customizable
    Local companies will be able to work with you to customize your cruise, to create the perfect environment. If the party needs to start at a certain time, cruise for a few hours, or provide food, local companies are happy to work with you. Often times, graduation parties start late and night, and run until the morning, so contact (LINK to contact page) your local company to discuss your options.
  3. Lots to do and see
    From beautiful sunsets to memorable sunrises, to sailing under a starry sky, the views will be awe-inspiring. On top of that, many cruise companies have an in-house DJ, poker tables or other games to keep guests entertained throughout the night.
  4. Easy menus and food options
    Cruise companies have their own catering (LINK to menu page) and chiefs on board. Menus for large groups of people are easy to customize, and there will be plenty of options for even the pickiest student.
    In addition, many companies can cruise to a breakfast spot or fun ending location. Those based out of resorts will be able to provide delicious breakfasts at the end of the cruise, to allow students to leave happy and healthy.
  5. New and exciting!
    Students will have a blast creating memories with their closest friends, and will end their high school career on a great note. However, contact (LINK to contact page) your local cruise company as soon as possible, because these spots fill up fast!