How Far Can You Boat Up The St. Joe River?


The St. Joe River is the highest elevation navigable river in the world. It stretches 120 winding miles from Saint Joe Lake to Coeur d’Alene Lake. It is unique in the fact that there are lakes at both ends which the river runs through rather than simply emptying into. When the Spokane river dam was constructed it was thought that the river would swell and peaceful trees and landscape would disappear, but after years the trees and grass are still creating one of the most unique river experiences in the world.

Lake Coeur d’Alene Cruises takes trips up the St. Joe River to the town of St. Maries with no depth issues. However, boaters with smaller power boats are able to travel from St. Maires to the St. Joe City River Bridge with no depth issues. After that bridge there is one 8 foot hole before the water becomes shallow, rocky, and full of rapids. Upstream the rapids fall into class II-IV range. River outfitters, such as ROW Adventures, offer guided trips down the river.

Along the river there are several boat launches and campgrounds. Among these are St. Joe River Shadowy Campground Boat Launch which is 11 miles from St. Maries. 2.5 miles up from the Shadowy Launch is Scott Park and Launch. Aqua Park and Launches is located near St. Maries. St. Joe River, Cherry Bend Boaters Park is another option for a place to dock and enjoy a nice park with picnic tables to enjoy a lunch at. Finally, Round Lake East Primitive Boat Launch located off Round Lake Road offers easy access to both Round Lake and the St. Joe River. 
Whatever, you plan to do the St. Joe river is a little known gem that is worth exploring! Check out our St. Joe River Cruises to see just what this fantastic river has to offer.