The CDA Casino’s Christmas Party Committee

I’d like to express our company’s sincere thanks for a fantastic effort on the part of the Resort.  Every aspect of the service we received was first class, thorough, and beyond expectations.  I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the food, in particular.  I think having the choice of the two buffets really worked well, despite the challenges that it presented. Chuck’s professional handling of all of our requests was exceptional and he came through every time.  I noticed many little thoughtful touches that were both impressive and appreciated.  Your staff handled our needs with courtesy and speed. You’re very lucky to have Alva, as well.  He, too, was able to meet all of our needs.

I’ve heard from several people that have been here for a long time, that this year’s party was the best ever. Thanks and kudos to you all!

The CDA Casino's Christmas Party Committee